I Have Maybe 82 Books Left to Read Before I Die

There are books.  There are lists.  And there are the Internets.

These three things combine occasionally to brush past me like a work friend on her way to get coffee or lunch.  We pause to chat then get back to whatever we were up to before crossing paths.

Today she passed me again.  A thought I had the first time but didn’t mention rose to mind again this time, so I’m mentioning it now.

In recent years I’ve been reading maybe three books a year, because I just need the time.  I’m not like some of these monsters that crank out a couple books a month.  At 39 a 230 pound non-smoker doesn’t have alot of good years past 80, so that leaves me 41 years of book reading available.

2 * 41 = 82

I have at best less than one hundred books I can read before I die.  No shit, that scares me too.

I should have a plan to remedy this.  A few things that come to mind:

  • Lose weight
  • Read shorter books
  • Kill the TV
  • Kill the Internet
  • Read faster
  • Live longer
  • Audio books (do those count as read?)

That’s about it.

How many books do you have left to read before you die?

2 Replies to “I Have Maybe 82 Books Left to Read Before I Die”

  1. Oh, sorry. You’re older than me aren’t you? Which 3 books are you going to have to skip?

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