What Kind of Choir?

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The [something interesting] Choir stared after the body on the floor—willing it to take a breath. Jackern ignored them all—the body and the Choir. He grasped two daggers, one in each hand, butt to butt, one up one down in a neutral but ready stance. He let the inevitable victory replace the air in his lungs with each breath. He felt it’s warmth suffuse his blood and then the cells of his body. This moment, this ephemeral sensation, was the only real moment he allowed himself. Maybe slipping into character was the only other moment he allowed.

Jackern made his stance sloppy and forced himself to disdain everyone in the room. He glanced to eyes of the body at his feet long to see the pupils contract before the saving breath then scornfully sucked his teeth loud enough to draw the Choir’s attention. Jackern smiled like a fox exiting a pheasant coop and spread his arms as if to hug the entire gathering.

“Who’s next?”

Word count: 174
Day 220

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