More in a Minute

Gonna do the 1-minute timer thing again today. I’ve been crap for a week now and need to get something out there to prove that I’m alive. The visceral reaction I mentioned last time may play better for my approaching day than it did my receding day last time. Now where’s that online timer…

  • Grant stuck to the lower streets. The darker alleys. And the narrower tunnels on his approach to the castle. There was no need to draw attention to his person or purpose. If e
  • Cold rain splashed the lower half of the cottage walls with mud and dung. Growing flash-streams
  • The sun chattered through the passing trees as they road. The patternless bursts gave Conner a headache.
  • A bird called distantly and cliché-ingly in the forest. And then I looked at the timer in hopes that it would soon run out and I’d not have to continue with this sentence at all. Certainly it will ding any time now. This HAS to
  • Vapor rose from the sun warmed trunks like they were on fire, but without flame. In patches, the wet Spring snow melted into the earth.
  • “How many fucking times do I have to tell you to get off my land.” Carson raised the shotgun to his shoulder. This time it didn’t feel like a bluff. My heart chugged and my feet spun. I
  • Night slipped under the door and into the low-roofed home. What had been bright and sharp sunset shadows became indistinct
  • Varn felt the city swallow him up. Felt the greatness of the sea laugh at his smallness. He knew he’d be changing this all soon
  • “It’s a little more like a demon look. And rough up the horns a little more.” Josh tread as carefully as he could with the artist. This was his first comic and he wanted it all just so. “I
  • She stepped to the microphone with no plan to back her next move. She could sing or speak or fumble around, but none of the regular options seemed effective. What else could
  • Angel’s blue skin tingled at the thought of warmth. Outside in the snow all he could imagine was the comfort and quality of the c
  • Seriously, a blue skinned dude named Angel? and in the snow? What the heck was that all about? Let’s see if we can up the quality around here. Maybe you could have some leaves fall or something like that. Wow this minute seems so much longer
  • Leaves battered to the ground like dead bodies being pushed into a mass grave. Donovan imagined each hitting the forest floor with a wet thump. They made nearly no noise though
  • A grey cat trotted up to me from the bushes. Out here I’d have expected less attention and more slinking. I wiggled my finger in my ear to coat it with wax and offered it to the cat. I’ve used this trick
  • The first thing that strikes a new gun owner about their weapon is it’s weight. Doesn’t matter how many they’ve owned before this next one always feel a little heavier than they expected. The closer they get to guessing the weight though
  • Green. The mountains shone with bright verdant life. A hundred feet up from the the river Agone a dragonfly colored castle began it’s
  • I think that ought to do for now. I need to get on to some other stuff as well as work. I would like an earlier start on both. Plus this Mountain Dew is getting progressively warmer. That’s not good.

Word count: 597
Day 235