Thinking of Gwenyth

I watched Iron Man again yesterday. Alone because friends were unavailable and I refused to wait—plus, you only have some many opportunities in this household to ditch the kids and go out at all. I’m not a reader of the comic surprisingly, so I know nothing of the canon. While the X-men which I’ve read heavily run into Tony Stark as Iron Man occasionally, the Pepper Pots’ character remains unfamiliar.

On the drive home I began to fictionalize a conversation that might have occurred between an actress similar to Gwenyth Paltrow and her assistant or agent or whomever in deciding to take the roll. Lines and reactions sprang into my head faster then I could store them for later transcription. It felt strangely like I recalled a movie or dreamt while awake.

I doubt I could now string it together coherently, but I’ll try to arrange the exchanges (mostly couplets) in a likely order. Remember I fictionalized, so don’t picture Ms. Paltrow when you read the following—except when it makes sense too.

“It’s an arm-candy.” Karen Person tosses a script over the cream leather couch to the glass coffee table in the center of the room. The slap echoes quickly in the featureless room.
“When did an arm-candy get thirty pages?”
“Still.” Karen flips her fingers through her beaded dreads like she’s biting her thumb in a Shakespeare play. “When did arm-candy look like this?”
“Exotic arm-candy then.”
“They won’t give it to me. I’ll have to audition like everyone else.”

“Thirty pages isn’t enough to get me over the title.”
“Sweetie, no one’s getting over the title on this not even Charlie. We can probably get you a ‘with’ or maybe an ‘and’.
“Yeah, they pulled one of the Graingers out of mothballs to play the baddy.”
“John or Robert? Has to be John.” Karen walks to the window overlooking everything. “I can see that.”

“I won’t get paid full. Hell, I might not even get the bling.”
“It’s not that much work to get paid that much for. I’ve seen the shooting schedule and most of your stuff’s done in a month. Right here in LA. In and out.”
“‘The Unbelievably Good Kisser’ and ‘Trance’. That’s why I won’t even break two figures.”

“We’re shooting this all in the States? That’s where the money’s going.”
“Charlie’s in it.”
“He loves Canada. Didn’t he buy a place there back before?”
Rita gives Karen a blank stare then raises an eyebrow like a question. When Karen still doesn’t flip she leads her. “Before….”
“Oh shit that’s right. He can’t even go to Canada?”
“He can’t leave the country at all.”
“I know it’s not our country Rita. But still, Canada?”

“It’s an arm-candy.”
“Arm-candy for Charlie Cross. Richard Paquin on as director.”
“Summer, Thanksgiving, or Christmas?”
“Summer I bet. I think they’re looking to spill Trey’s juice.”
“Mmm, Trey. Why can’t I be in a movie with him?”
“You were already.”

Anyhow, that’s all I’m going to bother to transcribe. You get the gist. I don’t know that there is as much characterization in there as there is info-dumping. But I guess sometimes you have to do that too.

Word count: 541
Day 236

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