Does This Really Need a Title

So I’m driving home from aikido the other night trying to imagine the proper scale of problematic giant but not a call-the-national-guard sized one.  What comes to mind is four times a normal human.  So 6 feet goes to 24 feet.  But then I start realizing I have no idea what 24 feet really means.

Can someone that tall climb up a highway overpass?  With ease, some difficulty, or not at all?  What about changing the light’s in a highway street lamp?  Any guesses where I was driving?

I considered finding some photos on flickr to scale giants next to regular sized folks.  I haven’t done this yet, but something tells me it won’t be as illustrative as I’d like.  You know, since I bet there are no pics of people standing next to overpasses and streetlamps.

I’m thinking four times as big might be able to wriggle into a normal sized door sideways and slow and painful as long as the interior room was large enough to lay down in.

A giant that size would still be reasonably hideable too.  Especially in the woods or among houses.  Not just standing out by the mailbox, but laying down in a backyard actively trying to hide.  They just couldn’t move around from one place to the next without notice.

Food and other required resources wouldn’t be too difficult to come by.  Unless these were raving giants that ate human flesh.  Depending on the culture even clothing and shoes would be doable.  It’s one thing to have custom made boots for a large footed person and another to give Godzilla flip-flops.

I’ll be driving again his evening.  WIll think more about it along the way.

Day 260