Feeling Like a Teenage Chemist

It appears that writing creatively with plot and characters and all that mess is not primarily how Giant Week is going down.

Yesterday, between that morning’s post and this morning’s post, highway workers installed tens of signs on the overpasses.  These sign indicate the minimum height of the opening under the overpass.  I have no idea how they did this all in between my trip on Monday night and my trip out on Wednesday, but a big thanks goes out to them.  These signs certainly came in handy for estimating purposes regarding all my giant questions from yesterday.

It looks like most gaps were 17 feet with the elevated roadway and safety wall making for another 5 feet.  At 22 feet overall I think I’m safe in saying that many 4x giants would be able to peer over the wall with ease and that climbing from one to the next would not be out of the question for most.  However, considering overpasses aren’t usually spanning huge distances a giant would be more inclined to just walk on up where the overpass runs into the bank.

The bridge issue resolved, I moved on to the lamp post thing.  Near as I can tell a 4x giant changing the lamp in a streetlamp would be like me changing one in the ceiling of my home: he or she would rather have a step stool.  Though maybe they just wouldn’t be that high because giants would be employed to change them out?

Now that I’ve sorted out my initial foray into the physicality of giants I have been drifting into the culture.  This is tough.  Twining the cultures of man and giant resists going deeper than giants just popping up in human culture and being redily accepted and put to work building stuff for us.  Even when I ask questions about what the construction industry would be like I run into trouble.  Sure having giants around would obviate the need for forklifts and bulldozers for humans, but wouldn’t giants have just as much reason to use 4x forklifts for their needs?

Making the simple assumption that a 4x giant requires 4x resources, wouldn’t you have to pay one a 4x salary to match their 4x output?  Except that formual might not translate to less physical tasks.  But what if it did?  What if a giant’s 4x brain contributed 4x output?  Then how the hell do I justify them working for us?  Or them even deigning to work in harmonious equality with humans.  Why would they put up with that?

So now I’m thinking of ways to diminish giants to create a symbiotic realtionship with humans.  That just seems like a cheat.  Though it feels bubbly with tension and potential plot in the same way a teenage chemist looks at Poprocks and Coke, “That’ll do something for sure.”


Day 261