Jealous Honga Rider Turns

I recently spent more time on a piece than I normally do.  I combined two inspirational illustrations from Gorilla Artfare and I two-lined some common plot ideas.  Two nights ago I mind mapped one of those plots—or at least I mind mapped the plot concept: jealousy.

Going in I had a main character and an instigating character that I suspected would become jealous of the MC.  This jealousy, I imagined, would fuel the MC’s adversity.  As I mapped out some related ideas I discovered that jealousy make more sense to me as a defining characteristic of the MC not of the antagonist.  This surprised me.  And it sucked because I’d pictured the MC as the MC not the other way around.

My thoughts circle this idea like the angels that must orbit just above the vultures waiting on prey to finally die.  I don’t want the original idea to pass, but I know it will.  I’m ready to capture the soul as it rises from the meat.  Which makes about as much sense as what i”m trying to accomplish.

I like the idea of jealousy.  It feels fresh and new to me as a plot.

I was surprised to find search terms landing here for the word I coined for this thread: honga.  Turns out I didn’t coin it and it’s not a good thing.  Google it if you like.

Day 314