A Year on the Drenfennelen

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Duoroo climbed out of the cool forest and into the open clearing.  She felt her irises tighten from the light.  A rush of movement through the air above her turned into an explosive crack in the dry river bed ahead of her.  She dropped to a crouch but got nicked above her right eye anyway.  A careful but expressive huff of breath followed the original sharp echo in her ears as she stood but before she could identify what struck first.  A large close thing blocked the once deep clearing.

“Monk,” the bulky thing stated from just above her.

Its tone didn’t seem threatening, but when Duroo heard its bare feet shift on the rock and its right arm close in on her left side she prepared to fit her movement with its.  She let it place a hand on her shoulder so she could gauge its size and heft.  Once connected, she felt the weight of its arm sag.  She raised both her hands—one on the outside and one on the inside—trapping the arm.  She paced her crouch to be just ahead of its dropping weight and turned some.  She felt it unbalance for a moment then immediately regain that balance without apparent movement.  Strange.

“You’re blind?” the thing asked.  Duoroo didn’t respond out loud, instead she analyzed the bemused voice.  His accent put him off-planet but still of Qwain.

And then I had to go to dinner…

Day 315