My Words are Virga

I flit between various freebie writing apps to do my writing on this here blog.  I suspect that it lends to my recent bout of half-assery, but may increase the likelihood I’ll write.  Increase it because I have more toys to play with.  The trouble is that there are part I like about each but none I like fully enough to employ indefinitely.  Today I’ve lighted on Celtx.

An obscure search recently landed some floundering soul on the beaches of 1000 Days.  He or she wanted to find a ‘sentence for the word depatic’.  Google is aware of only three instances on the whole web that can potentially fulfill such a request.  1000 Days is at the top of the list.  Too bad for the intrepid searcher that I made up a fantastical context–and no true meaning–for the real world word.  It’s a dumb search.  Are there many words you can search for on the web that are not in sentences?

There are two posts that use the word depatic.  One is an edit of the other so no need to read both.  Reading over the post reminded me when I found this daily writing effort  more effortless.  More free.  Thanks for reminding me.

For the searcher wondering ‘what is rain called that never hits the’ [ground] I’d like to give another bit of thanks.  It’s been a long time since I recalled learning and using that word.

Day 349