Nearly a Freaking Month

I haven’t written in nearly a month. During that time I’ve only experienced a twinge of guilt here and there about my absence. More important to me is my utter lack of desire to write during this hiatus. I’m going to stretch my fingers with an exercise. If you’re not a fan of my minute drills then try this guy’s daily work:

  1. Each one of the settled down into the circle. Seated and resting the bear, the mongoose, and the parrot began to talk about what had just happened in the other room.
  2. Daylight struggled through the ragged morning clouds. It would be a better day, but for now it was cold, wet, and dreary.
  3. Juana waited as the garage door opened. The cat darted out the left side and headed who knows where. When the door had opened all the way she pulled the empty mini-van into its spot and closed the door behind her.
  4. Water ran from everywhere: down the swollen creek which had taken over the backyard, off the roof and over the gutters
  5. Dova held the stretched bowstring lightly near his ear. He’d release in a moment but for now it held
  6. Choppers, gunships really, rose over the hill like spiders crawling into view. The soldiers spun to face the enemy who’d come from the south
  7. The indistinct but still staccato echo of rotor blades made it unclear where the helicopters approached from. And then he ended a sentence with a preposition
  8. Smoke blasted into Darren’s face and stung his eyes. He tried to escape the fire’s breath
  9. The figure lay down her pencil. Traced the lightly engraved line of her words in the soft paper with her delicate fingers. The darkness at her desk
  10. Hondo sputtered the jeep to life after several turns of the key. Wrenching the old thing into second gear–because first was a mess–and easing it onto the roadway
  11. Though alive with sound, parrots chortling, monkeys making monkey sounds, and insects doing whatever they do, the jungle seethed with
  12. …mystery. The birds, the primates, and the insects couldn’t be located among the dense green foliage. Shiny dark leaves and opaque bright green
  13. The couple shivered next to each other on the rooftop. Conny remarked to John that most of the other roof tops were square and not rectangular as she’d expected. They
  14. Steam mixed with smoke grew from the stack like one of those black glow worms on the Fourth of July. Not quickly not slowly, but just regular
  15. Also it was white not black. Huh? Oh nothing…I was just saying the smoke in the last bullet was white, but I wanted the ‘growing’ image more so I went with the worm thing. Which I know are black..
  16. Relentless. The clock was relentless. Sure the minutes passed at the same rate as they did early, but they neared the end of there overall passing. The pace was relentless. Michael may never make it tot he finish line. Shoes torn
  17. The bear rolled and wobbled to each feet. It had just woken from a bit of a nap in the sun or maybe it was still asleep and would wake in a moment to find itself
  18. The slim yellow fish drifted in the pool as a group. Then darted as a group–jagging tot he left. They dove into the corner under the lily leaves
  19. From a distance the wall looked like a unnaturally regular cliff side punctuated with a turret or large building here and there. Up close Rogers was al
  20. …alarmed to discover the cliff side was a wall. Was a whole building. Was a made thing and not a act of God dripped with war. This wall would try to keep him and his men

Day 350