And Now With A Title

I’ve got no distractions.  A lacking password snuffed my wi-fi.  A birthday party lured my kids away.  And a mistake on my part separated me from my music.  Aside from the missing tunes this may be the best writing environment I’ve had in months yet I struggle to begin.

I didn’t mention the other day that I wanted to use a female protagonist.  I left this constraint out partly because I didn’t want to publicly box myself in and partly because I didn’t know why I wanted to use a woman.  My first inclination lighted on Tritti in the Pilgrim thread of my Shanty writing.  My second on the four bell-hunters.  And my third on a thread I’m doubtful I’ll find quickly that essentially transposed my daughters into and alternate reality and aged them to young women.  I hoped that leaving my requirement unwritten would give the instinctual reason behind it to coalesce into a conscience one.

The reason seems need more time than I’ve provided to fully solidify but I’ve got a few thoughts so far.  Because I have daughters I’d like to write characters with whom they can identify when I’m published.  I’d like to write smart, funny, tough, loving characters because I’d like them to become people with those qualities.  Also I’d like to work on getting out of my maleness as a narrator to see if I can find a distinct feminine one—or at least one echoing feminity.  Still not sure why.  Maybe it’s the daughters again.

Need to map stuff out on paper.

Day 371