Her Numbers to Ten

Suza knew her numbers to ten and had a pretty good idea how to get to twenty after that.  She could sing the whole alphabet though she only knew A, B, C, S (for Suza), and W for unknown reasons.  Suza knew all the colors most people needed to know except her darks and lights.  For Suza, blue was just blue whether in her sky or in her jeans.

“Daddy.  Daddy.  Daddy, can I go ou’side?” she asked.

“Daddy, can I go ouTside?” her Father repeated back to her.  He’d been doing this more and more lately.  At first Suza thought he was asking her the question which confused her because she knew she wasn’t ‘Daddy’, but she usually told him yes anyway or whatever answer she wanted.  He explained to her that he wanted her to correct how she asked the question.  She should just say what he said the way he’d said it.

“Can I go oudside?”

“Yes, Sweetie.  You can go ouTside.”

Her Father almost never said no to going outside so it seemed like an awful lot of work just to get out the door, but once Suza swung into the sky on her swing it was worth the effort.

“Will you come swing me?” she asked before closing the door all the way—another important thing to do.

“Yes but in a minute.  I need to finish reading this letter.”


Day 373