The Cusp and the Crux

I’m rarely grim here at 1000 Days.

Neither am I decisive.  A mental survey of stand-out bits of my writing over balance the scales toward cusp moments.  I introduce many of my main characters right before something is going to happen to them.  Others meet the reader just before they might do something.

Modern writing advice always includes the admonishment to begin a scene or a story as late in the action as possible.  I interpret this to mean I should locate the climactic element of they thread and then back off a step or two before I drop my words onto the page.  Gane heads over to Shanty, Kraite waits to pounce on his prey, you is about to assassinate an official, Mr. Johnathan Goffe heads out of town, Tyh’s been drug into the honga pit, Charnni, Franni, and Conni await the arrival of something in the trees, and The Grainmaster watching his people’s migration.  None of them idling; none of them not about to experience something next.  These almost-moments, these cusps before the crux, suit me well because they echo my own life embarrassingly well.

I wonder if I were to write the next.  To struggle past the cusp and then to successfully navigate the crux in my writing if that surety would rebound into my real life.

Day 377