My First Creation Myth

Seems like I missed a couple days. Checking in on paying work before writing invariably derails my passion work.

Passion work? I chuckled too.

In the years before this year, before night was born, Rir hunted. When hunting, Rir took the form of a sleek and savvy wolf. As a wolf she could duck under the bushes and trees to hide in the shadows away from the bright light of the sun. Hunting rabbits is easier if you’re hidden.

One day before this day, Rir was very hungry for she hadn’t caught any rabbits in in many days. Rir hunkered down in the low cool shade of a willow at the edge of her favorite copse. Deep green grasses with wide crunchy leaves grew in the wet soil. Even wary rabbits cannot stay away from green grasses with wide crunchy leaves. Soon Rir would find a soft rabbit and no longer be hungry.

Two rabbits bounced into sleek and savvy Rir’s view and began to select the best leaves.

And some more stuff…

Day 378