Viper Comics Talent Search

Viper Comics is holding a contest to find new talent.  Unlike the few other contests I’ve read about they want writers as well as artists.  I’ll be working on a 5 comic page script over the next couple weeks.  The change of format and the deadline already get me excited about the task.

Buddies in college introduced me to comic book reading.  Marvel put the cuffs on.  In the late publishers were pumping all kinds of books and gimmicks into the market to increase sales.  Fortunately for them I gravitate to shiny objects and consume them free of guilt.  I have every variant cover of McFarland’s Spiderman #1, a glow in the dark Ghost Rider, two years worth of duplicate Wolverine issues, and some others more embarrassing still.

Hopefully I can elevate my comic book reading skills to comic book writing ones.  Viper requires me to use an existing character from any of comicdom not my own creation.  How they’d know if I co-opted some obscure character from a distant publisher or created my own superhero I’ll never know.  But I need a very short story first.  Nothing will work without a beginning, middle, and end.  I should get to work.

20090720 Updated: Link to the announcement on Viper Comics.  Since I’m getting hits for this I ought at least help searchers out.

Day 379