Viper Comics Talent Search Report

In these past ten days I wrote a comic book script offline.  Eventually I’ll share  here but for now I’ll hang on to it.  The work is for a talent search and some instinct encourages me to give the people that nominally requested my writing their crack at it before the four of you reading 1000 Days.  Also, the comic book formatting will take me some time to reproduce pleasantly in this medium—if I can at all.  Hang tight.  You’ll get your shot.  Until then let me talk a very little about the effort.

You should open your mouths and gape when I tell you that it includes a beginning, a middle, and an end.  Three plot elements not seen together in my writing since college.  Capturing them in the same work by a deadline makes this a success.  Whatever else happens is gravy on top.

The deadline kept me plugging away and helped me get started sooner so that I could take breaks during the writing.  Spreading the work out over about a fortnight gave me time to formulate and change, to consider and discard, and to use a whiteboard.  I very much enjoyed working this way and am already looking for ways to make and stick to personal date goals.  Or maybe I’ll just find some more external ones.  I just felt more productive in this mode than I have almost ever here on 1000 Days.

Other then immense personal gratification what do I get out of this?  As a talent search rather than a contest, Viper Comics can be less specific about the rewards forthcoming.  I guess talent searches equate more to a high school dance than to a job interview.  Essentially if they like it I may get tiered levels of exposure and my work may get produced in ways that make someone money.  They don’t mention money for the creators they find, but were I to be selected in some regard compensation would be among my first questions.

Day 393