Not Too Bad a Haul

one minute timer

Missed my normal morning hours so I’ve filled this space up with a 20 x 1 minute drill.

  1. Druuma dropped down the steep stone steps like a stream over rocks. At the bottom of the flight she splashed into the bright room.
  2. The wet clover field dissolved to white fog as high as a frog could leap.
  3. The hunting pack coursed through the slender trunks like a flock of earth-bound sparrows hunting flies, but these predators were after something less innocent.
  4. Ruins of the conquered city struggle to discern themselves form the natural boulders scattered around the really really dull area that I wasn’t hoping to be so dull.
  5. Charkon’s face tensed from the pain. His ears curled forward and his brow stretched smooth while the doctor punctured the skin of his forearm.
  6. Of course the first thing you saw were the tats. They began like threads on her fingertips then tangled their way to her knuckles, the bcks of her hands, and her wrists like inky cobwebs.
  7. It just didn’t make sense. As hard as Tromber tried to filter the cachophony from the stall woman speaking t him about the fruits for ale he couldn’t understand what she was saying. Couldn’t…
  8. Tom Tom criticized the music, the fire, and the air around him. No campfire-fair would ever live up to the gatherings of his tribe, his people. That’s mainly how it began.
  9. Buttercups speckled the clover field thickly with white. Barefoot, we feared to move for stepping on one of the tiny bees buzzing. So many hovered…
  10. Dripping. Dripping and darkness. That’s how I’d describe the cave. Those and maybe endless. Each drop made a noise nearby the spread to the edges of the dark world and I could hear all that space.
  11. Flits and skids and full sized ferries aimed their bows toward the floating city and punched ignition buttons simultaneously.
  12. The force vents warmed at idle. Each squad of mages assigned to them relaxed while a babysitter kept the trottle-spell engaged.
  13. “I said, ‘Duck into the closet and stay there till I return.'” Please stay there I thought. I won’t return and you need to stay alive till someone does. Someone you won’t know but someone who’ll protect you better than I have.
  14. Texas is so god-damned big. You can’t get across it from east to west in a single day, but by fucking god you’ll want to in July. Even if you have to risk being pulled over by State Patrol in Amarillo.
  15. Vyspinian drifted at the edge of real and fringe like a bee selecting which flower to rob of necter.
  16. The shape dropped from the crown of the tree. As it approached the level of our deckway it resolved into a hairy mass so large, so unbelievably solid, it being in the canopy int he first place…
  17. Susan, Carl, and Amber sat in silence at their little outside table. Inside the restaurant rumbled along like a train. Around them diners paid no heed, but for…
  18. Two hand counts of chickens chattered in the front yard while one lame cow struggled in the wet mud behind the cabin. Her hooves stamped and sucked in the muck.
  19. A flare of brass trumpeting shocked the gather Frome to their feet. Jonjill would enter the arean in a moment and none wanted to miss his final entrance.
  20. Chis wriggled his fingers then clenched them to fist. Opening his hands again he applied his fingertips to the keys and played.