Not Not Hungry

Writing on the phone today since the computer needs a reboot and install. Plus I need the practice I suppose.

Things may be changing around here. I’m not sure if for the better regarding the amount of writing I’ll be doing though unless I’m able to fit it into the tighter scheduling of our time. I may be learning to write at night rather than the morning. Which may turn out to have been a better time all along. We shall see.

I find myself wanting to tell about some of the stories in my head rather than writing them. So far, with the exception of Nano, I’ve not done that. Doing so feels like a shortcut I shouldn’t be exploring. It feels like an element of the writing process I should be doing differently. It feels like I ought to use notecards or outlines or just plain taking to alleviate that urge.

It feels that way because telling the story is too close to writing it and I fear that will keep me satisfied. Not hungry.