Probably Naked

Writing on the phone again today while the laptop runs a rather lengthy and verbose chkdsk. I’m a little concerned what I’ll find when it finally shows me my desktop. Lots more deleting of index files than I’d have expected to see.

Everyone is sick, getting sick, or helping the sick here at the homestead this past week and weekend. That won’t pass till the end of this week based on past experience. An extra reason to wish Friday a speedy arrival.

I’m going to transcribe a bit of recent conversation rather than create anything ad hoc this morning.

Husband and wife have just been watching Apollo Anton Ohno win a bronze in some version of short track speed skating. Wife ducks her head to play Scrabble on her phone while husband continues his TV trance. A promo for the upcming and seriously dull ice dancing comes on.

“This would be more fun to watch if they were naked,” he says.

She doesn’t look up. “Speedskating?”


Quickly working backwards through what she’s just watched but still not looking up for context, “Ski jumping?”

“Noo. Ice dancing.” Trying not to imagine naked speed skating or that Swiss phenome planked out in the air getting 20 more feet than any other jumper the husband goes on to say, “Probably they’d all be more fun naked.”