Environmental Chotchkies

Day 457

Using WriteRoom on the phone to get some 1000 Days work done while the computer reboots. I don’t find the WP app compelling enough to use I guess or I just wanted to figure out how to share docs in the app all over again. I really do need a day to consolidate my tools.

I ought to get in a better habit of signing out of all my work apps on the laptop before ending the day. I hate waking up to being hung. Maybe invest in a good VNC app on the phone too.

I’ve previously written about how well the art director for Blade Runner populated that world. I’m finding Paolo Bacigalupi’s The Windup Girl to be written with a similar enthusiasm for environmental chotchkies. I can’t decide if I like it or not.

I like the attention to detail and the robustness of his world I just haven’t decided if he’s crossing over to the territory my imagination once roamed while reading. As soon as my mind wanders to fill in some scenery I find Paolo there with a Southeast Asian trinket, custom, word, or shrub saying, “Here. Take one if mine.” No shrubs really to be fair.

As much as I don’t know if I like it or not I’ve been trying to write with such¬†effluence¬†all week. I’m no good at it. My attempt to sprinkle environmentals all over an alley fair almost immediately devolved into characterizations and then yesterday dialog. I just can’t put monkies, spices, hovercars, and ten other things all in one place at one time–or spell monkeys. I wouldn’t mind so much except this is where I feel my writing lacks. I feel like I shortchange the reader on descriptions of things in favor of descriptions of actions. This is where I wish I could travel if I needed to when I wanted to. I need to practice.