A Return to the Drenfennelen River

Day 458

Kraite and Duoroo. And the Drenfennelen River.

I have not written of these two in over a year. Before that last entry another year. But I like these two. I should do them a little more justice than I have.

Kraite, as I recall, is some furry bounty hunter on a mission to do something to capture or kill or generally waylay Duoroo. He is thoughtful but no intellectual. His vocation implies he’s more of a rogue than his personality.

Duoroo is a blind monk with aikido-like skills. Her mind free of knowing what anything looks like she’s developed an encyclopedic memory and a great sense politics though she does not dabble in the latter.

I need a few things: a reason for Kraite to be there, a reason for him to change his mind, a way for Duoroo to accomplish that change, a situation for them to pair up against, some twist that involves Mallen, a little conflict between the two unlikley partners, and a world to put this all in. Reading back it appears that some government in “Theeble” had been paying the monks for healing water that did not heal.

Let’s put Duoroo out of place. She’s a cast-off daughter of an off world dynasty recently swept by tragedy. She is now the sole heir or something like that. Her identity is an open secret among the older monks but not one they ever expected to become a problem. Kraite’s been hired to extract her from the monastery with as little harm or notice as possible.