Ruthless Apathy

Day 490

The few authors I follow write more than I think they do. By that I mean they write things that don’t get published or don’t get published in the main thread of their work. They cobble up a short story for a charity thing or a novella for an off beat press. They write short bits that never end up leaving their hard drives or even whole novels that no editor buys…yet.

Other folks, those who write and hope, those who may frequent coffee shops and critigue groups more than they send out query letters, those folks seem to nurse their only child through infancy and well into toddlerhood.

Which means that one quality of successful writers is the ability recognize non-stories. Like a gardener on her knees, these working authors pluck the weeds and prune their words. [I’ll try not to overstretch more than that].

All this is to note there must be a kind of ruthless apathy in these authors.

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