Email Woes

Day 491

Lets just say I spent more of my writing time investigating things than I should have. I’ve been considering running this blog through Posterous. Which means I first wanted to make sure that I was truly dissatisfied with the native email to WP functionality. Sadly, even the straight text I do here suffers just a bit when I try the email thing since it doesn’t handle HTML and since either have to click a special link or embed some code to do it for me or run a CHRON job. Sure I can do all these things but I’d lose tags and the minor bit of formatting I do with the day and word counts.

Also, no plugins for email to post? WTF? They’ve got WP plugins that’ll fuck my cat each time I post, but nothing for converting HTML email and attachments into a post?

So I guess Posterous is more groundbreaking than I thought. It’s just not clear what the deal is for importing an existing blog then whipping it back around into a owned domain. Subdomain. I’ll have to check, but I’m pretty sure the A record is for the whole enchilada. Not just the cheese.

In other news, I’ve also been trying to look for information about short URL sites. I found some roll-your-ownish tutorials that look to be better than the crap apps I’ve found for this. Not to rile up the pro folks, but who’s a guy gotta blow to get a slot in the beta? If you’re gonna be free be free. If you want me to pay then cobble me up a PayPal button. Don’t be free, but stingy and leave me no choice but to make your brand my brand.

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