Not Exactly a Waste

Today I’m anticipating not being able to write until the end of the day, but I’d like to get started this morning. Warm up the fingers with a little pointless stream of conciousness patter.

Maybe I should have arranged for a 1-minute drill? Those never turn up anything I’ve used later. MAybe once. LEt go with the stream thing.

I’m listening to Rench, an alternative Country group, sing “Oh Sleeper” from their Elkhorn Riders album. The girl, who they rarely feature, is singing. I wish she got more play than she does, but I sense she not a regular. Or if she is a regular I’m in capable of telling when a girl is playing the mandolin. Seems likely.

Deeper in this house, outside our office, my children oscilate between play and joy and screaming at each other. The nanny has arrived earlier than usual so they are both joyful and screaming. The nanny is early because my wife is off for the weekend and headed to the airport at nearly the same time I’m dropping some of the kids off at school. We needed a wee bit of overlap today and tomorrow. We got it.

Of course this single parenting weekend of mine is the reason I’ll be half-past useless on 1000 Days for this and the next four.

223 words on day 510