Placeholding Suckage

Let’s not kid ourselves that yesterday, today, and the next two tomorrow’s worn of 1000 Days are going to be anything but full on placeholding suckage.

If it turns out I write a single word worth reading I’ll alert you somehow. Two words strung together. I guess its pretty unlikely I could ruin a single standalone word.

Streaming worked well yesterday so here goes the same for tonight…

I’m on the front porch. Night chirps nearby and gushes further out along the several paved quarter section lines we call roads. I’m outside. I shouldn’t be angry. I’m trying not to be but I’ve stubbed my thumb throwing a fit when I couldn’t get a cabinet door closed. I suppose the ache is my punishment. I suppose this uncomfortable bench is my Purgatory.

Is going inside once I’m done my Heaven or my Hell?