Talking About My Room

I’m giving my brain a break on this one. Friday’s writing was surprisingly effective, but two places in three days makes for a tough writerly frame of mind. I’m just doing a thought stream or maybe I’ll talk about the things in my room. Either way I’m serving you notice.

A Sears|Elmore sewing machine stands at post along the East wall next to the open closet door. The table’s feet divit the cut Burbur carpet and may stab through the floor and into the three-car garage below.

The white pine door to the hallway and downstairs looms over the garment mender. It’s closed.

Continuing my circle counterclockwise around the room turns up a plain but heirloom hutch. A weird lamp on an three-shelf table. Two mirrors: one framed in the 80s and another—unframed—wrenched from a 90s bathroom wall. A virgin Raggety Anne doll sitting skirt-above-her-knees on Grandma’s sewing basket. And a pile of vacuum hoses and add-on tools.

There is some other stuff in here with me, but it’s as dull as what came before and there’s football ont he TV.

190 words on day 534