First I should note that I’ve written the other days over the weekend. I’ve not yet posted them. One I won’t be able to post. My on the road experience continues today and through tonight so I may allow that to color the quality of my writing now and tomorrow. Lucky you.

Jun-kata always liked to chat her up before getting to the money. After what that old monk had told her last night Charming felt like using a spear instead of a net. “I gave you the touris for the shirts already. I’m not paying you a second time. Especially not in [cool money sounding name].”

Jun-kata grimaced.

The set of his face made her think for a moment he was upset for reasons other than the undelivered shirts. His words brought her back. “Drown me Charma. That all you think onna these day?”

Charming wanted to tell him not to call her that. Tell him she wasn’t one of his little fish. “I think onna lots these day. But only the one thing onna you: my shirts.”


“I gave a money; you keppa shirts. Where’s my shirts, ah?” she asked, “Don’t calla me that.”

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