Still in the Bowels

“Why didn’t you mention that earlier?” Kera skipped to a backward jog further down the corridor expecting Donna to match pace at least some. The MPM pushed her face to a flat grin, pointed to a glyph on the ground then at the featureless wall with her clipboard, and stepped into it’s surface.


Kera hopped back to the spot Donna vacated. She stepped into the featureless wall banging her nose on the masonry block just a little before getting her hands up. Kera used doors like this every day, so finding one she couldn’t get through surprised her.

Presuming the door was older than the ones she used in the newer building G, she tried a more emphatic approach. She placed her foot on the glyph and her hand on the wall. When she pushed she felt the door there this time. It felt found but locked. She tried again, still locked. Donna would have to come back out and get her.

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