Not Just a Warm Body

Presuming the door was older than the ones she used in the newer building G, she tried a more emphatic approach. She placed her foot on the glyph and her hand on the wall. When she pushed she felt the door there this time. It felt found but locked. She tried again, still locked. Donna would have to come back out and get her.

The older woman appeared back in the hallway looking more frustrated than apologetic. “Sorry. Give me your wrist,” Donna said.

Kera offered her right one, but, shaking her head, Donna snatched up the left instead. The MPM stripped the backing off the end of a one-use Tyvek wristband with her teeth and looped it snuggly around Kera’s wrist.

“Is there anything I need to know, or am I just a warm body?”

“That’s tight. Sorry. Mr. Crainstock just spelled it. Let me know when it’s warm, huh?”

“Crainstock?” Kera didn’t know if that added or subtracted from the strangeness of the evening, but it was unexpected.

“Mr. Crainstock, Miss Woods.”

“He…ooo!…it’s ready.” Kera held up the wristband.

Donna smiled, “Juiced it, huh?”

“Just a little.”

“Kera?” Donna asked permission to use her first name and Kera assented. “Kera, I know this is all very unexpected. It’s not how I’d planned this evening to go either as you can imagine. This is real magic in hereā€”not the mundane stuff you’ve been doing on the bench. It will feel the same, probably, but it isn’t. And, yes, you are a warm body, but you don’t have to be just a warm body.” Donna pulled her through the door.

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