I Know I Missed Saturday

I think I need to lock down what it is I find appealing about the institutional mage before I can crack those stories. I worry the idea reflects a figment of the world of my day job. That I’m searching more for a way to make my life seem interesting when it’s not than I’m looking for a way to play magic in a story that I’ve not seen done in the past.

I hope to return to the Maker’s Marcail thread this coming week. I’ve dropped that since I thought I was pushing it too hard before I’d worked out the physics of that world. Plus, I realized I was working with factions who needed definition before I brought them out to play.

Maybe the most fun I had this past week came from the parkour illustration I found on CGHub. Just now checking, turns out last week is when I wrote Chasing Jace. I’ll have to come back to that story. It had Romeo and Juliet feel to it.

180 words on day 582