A Back Story Interlude

OK. So, this witch and this sorceress walk into a bar and this witch says, “Bartender pour me a Tombstone.” And the bartender says, “We’re all outta tequila, but maybe the grave digger could sell you a plot.”

The people making up the sorceress and the witches culture encroached on land rich in magic resources. The indigenous people didn’t much like this, but their inability to stave off the invaders didn’t leave them much choice. They have been raiding towns and eking out an existence as best they can for a few decades, but recently they’ve been backed by some other hereditary rival of the first group.

On an ambassadorial mission to the indiginous’ nominative leader Morgan is kept captive.

Because of some undefined subtlety the first group’s leaders do want to bargain for Morgan’s release. Possibly unaware of the 3rd party backers they believe some concessions will alleviate the enmity between the two peoples.

Regardless of the political value of such diplomacy, Rhoda and Wendle think the wait-and-see plan is bullshit. Their sister and wife has been abducted and they don’t care for the reasons why. Or maybe they have some suspicion regarding the 3rd party. Potentially a suspicion that puts their otherwise indigenous sympathies at odds with their desire to have Morgan back and safe.

Sorceresses and witches don’t get along well because sorceresses see the use of magic as a mundane tool. Their training is practical and parallels the sort of training any craft would perform. Witches see the use of magic as a religious endeavor. They acquire skill through prayer and devotion and they use magic in subtle and deep ways. Neither group argues that they possess a different power than the other, but sorceresses think witches are meek and pointless while witches find sorceresses blunt and disrespectful. There is plenty of middle ground, but powerful people on both sides think the other should be put down.

Morgan and Wendle’s joining is some backstory that was supposed to help bridge the gap but didn’t. This story could be about Rhoda and Wendle pulling that off instead. In fact, it could be that Morgan had a more traditionally witch-like vision of the future that her marriage to Wendle would be that bridge. She originally thought it would be just the marriage, but she is now better seeing it as the abduction leading to the teaming up of her sister and her wife.

Filled out some coarse dramatis personæ. But still no plot.

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