My Lips Are Chapped

Sometimes a line comes to me and sticks in a way hard to shake loose. Often this muse-ish one-liner occurs at night when I wake from an unremembered and just as likely unrelated dream. One such line came to me the other evening and I’m hard pressed to not use it, but it’s impolite. And it’s content is of the sort that makes you concerned for the writer. It makes you wonder how it came to him and why he’s chosen to loose it on the world. Does it say something about him that he thought it? That he put it out there? That he made me read it?

I don’t have anywhere plausible to go with this line, but I find it funny. Perhaps some day I’ll find a character who may need to use it. For now I’m content that it has a meter that recommends it to the ear…

My lips are chapped, and I have an erection; one way or the other I’m going to need some Vaseline.

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