10 Plots in 10 Days; Twice, at Least

Early in December I suggested I’d start 2011 with 100 plots in 100 days. I’m not going to do that. Devoting that much time to plotting might help me, but it wouldn’t appeal to me. What should I do?

I’m thinking compromise. I need something sustained but not exhausting. Something that requires endurance but doesn’t nag—too much. Something I’m kinda scared to type now because even it will strain me.

Until further notice, I will construct bare bones plots for the first ten days of each month. I promise to pull this off for January and February. I will evaluate my progress next month to determine if I will benefit from continued participation in March and subsequent months.

Strapping some parameters on this plan, let’s say that I follow Storyfixer’s recommendations on novel structure. That is: theme, hook, plot point one, pinch point, mid-point twist, pinch point two, lull, plot point two, conclusion.

Theme – my purpose for telling this story.
Hook – early action to get the story started. I’ll call this one optional.
PP1 – the first action to completely change the hero’s story
Pinch1 – substantial protagonistic influence
Twist – tweaking the story for the reader and hero
Pinch2 – another protagonistic influence
Lull – a down scene to accentuate the importance of PP2
PP2 – the second action to completely change the hero’s story
Conclusion – how it ends

I do realize this is one man’s rigid interpretation of novel structure, but it’s as viable as anyone else’s interpretation. His structure will serve my needs for now.

270 words on day 638