A Weird Semblance Thereof

I’m adding a ‘Setup’ item since the circumstances at PP1 need to know what came before them in order to make much sense.

Next up from my cheat sheet of master plots is Pursuit

Theme – Lying to your kids never goes well.

Setup – A former royal guard (think Special Forces-type), Conner has retired to the country to farm and raise a family. His meek ways don’t impress his son much at all.

Hook – A beast Conner had put down in his former life arrives at the farm to take its revenge, but Conner slips away with his son via a previously scouted escape route.

Plot Point 1 – Conner’s son is trapped in the narrow tunnel; Conner leaves him behind in expectation the beast will follow the man and not the boy. Of course, the son sees this as cowardice.

Pinch 1 – Having been chased over field and through forest the beast discovers Conner is without his son and leaves to find the son instead.

Mid-point Twist – Trying to find the beast and his son, Conner discovers his late wife was not the plain farmer girl he’d thought her. For some magical reason this makes Conner’s son special.

Pinch 2 – The beast captures Conner’s son but escapes Conner’s attack. Conner is rendered unconscious in the process.

Lull – Conner wakes in the home of the mysterious woman who cared for Conner’s son until his capture by the beast.

Plot Point 2 – The mysterious woman turns out to be Conner’s wife or a weird semblance there of.

Conclusion – The wife goes to save her son, the injured Conner follows her; Conner locates all three, kills the beast, loses his wife, and frees his son back. Despite being saved the son still isn’t much impressed overall.

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