The Fairy Plot

Rescue plot next. I’m told this requires a protagonist, and antagonist, and a victim. Much of this physical plot should play out in the realm of the antagonist.



Hook – Four colorful and great smelling fairies arrive to tell me I’ve got to come away with them to rescue my missing children.

Plot Point 1 – The fairies convince me of their realness and I finally believe my daughters have been abducted.

Pinch 1 – [antagonist] sends a flock of silver shouldered blackbirds to attack our troupe on the way to gain a special sword/shield/whatever.

Mid-point Twist – I discover my fairy traveling companions have been less honest with me than I thought. They abducted my children, but then had them stolen from them by [antagonist].

Pinch 2 – [antagonist] sends a troll to attack us and two of the four fairies are killed. And we lose our ability to track [antagonist’s] travel.

Lull – I’m pissed and drinking at a bar in Faerie.

Plot Point 2 – A patron points out that since I came voluntarily to Faerie I can’t return home with my daughters even if I rescue them.

Conclusion – I discover that none of this sounds like much of a rescue, but I don’t care since my headache is running the show at this point.

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