Grumphook and Gertrude

This 20 master plots book is organized rather rhythmically. Thus, following the rescue plot, is the escape plot.

I find it a little frustrating to have these core plots in mind as I compose each point, but not to see the evidence of such in the end. I suspect it’s the manufactured use of the plots from a list combined with my desire to do my own thang that causes the problems, but I ought to be able to adhere to the plan better I think.

The plot book indicates that in the first part our hero should be imprisoned, in the second planning her escape or making failed attempts, and in the third escaping. I’ll try not to make this sound like The Shawshank Redemption.


Setup – The passage and quartering of the king’s troops in a tiny mountain village leaves Gertrude, our stout matronly Mayor, little choice but to scour into dragon lands for food. A single dragon egg is said to be able to feed a army for months.


Plot Point 1 – Upset with the villages transgressions, Dragons surround the little mountain village. Grumphook is particularly upset since it’s her egg in question.

Pinch 1 – Grumphook discovers an early effort of some boys to escape and flames the terraced farmland.

Mid-point Twist – Gertrude discovers in an old text that dragons operate by a rigid code of ethics. From this she determines to challenge Grumphook to a dual.

Pinch 2 – Grumphook not only soundly defeats Gertrude but also informs her the book on dragon ethics was historical BS.

Lull – The dragons depart with no explaination. Initially elated the cautious villagers become confused and suspicious. Stockholm syndrome(?). Zoo syndrome(?).

Plot Point 2 – the dragons return with evidence of having slain the kings men, so no army will swoop in to save the village.

Conclusion – as in all great escape stories, they tunnel out. Duh.

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